Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sometimes I'm just like the rest of them

My youngsters needed Valentine boxes for school. It used to be that a couple of pieces of pink and white construction paper stapled around three sides did the trick. But these days we're not talking about 24 paper-thin cards and one box of conversation hearts from the rich kid. These days kids expect (and get) the mother load. So we needed something a little more substantial.

Plus, other kids' moms spend all their stay-at-home daytime hours for the three weeks preceding Valentine's Day constructing papier mache frogs whose mouths open and tongues stick out with a ribbet or two for every candy-laden card deposited into their bellies. Or toilet bowls where children put their candy gifts into the bowl, press the lever, and their bounty "flushes" to a compartment below. And I'm not kidding.

So this year, I decided to join the frazzled-mom trend. We made papier mache igloos. I wanted to put "ice to see you" on the side, but then I remembered that I would likely post pictures of our creations, and I didn't want Tiffany to think I was stupid. So we just put their names on the sides instead.

Don't you just love the gaping hole ready to receive mounds and mounds of candy? Just think of all the snow that would fall through that hole! I'm certain it is not even close to being up to igloo code. I pity the Eskimo who calls this igloo home. The tiny papier mache eskimo. Who left his tiny fishing pole next to his ice hole. Yep, I truly pity the fool.

I think I might need some sleep . . .


Tiffany said...

Those are adorable boxes, and I never would have made fun of your "ice" reference. I have fully repented of that. :)

lizzie said...

so i am a stay home mom and i made anna do her own box. white paper and markers, glue and scissors! but she was happy! i love your igloos! maybe next year i will be more inspired.

YouKnowitBaby said...

The top view looks kind of like a ceasarean gone terribly wrong. But they are cute!