Friday, April 4, 2008

Toddy Tavern?

Last night we were discussing the idea of naming our house. Kate has been reading Anne of Green Gables, so this idea has been on her mind lately. Every time I read an English novel, I think it would be fun to name our "estate". I love the names you find in those books--Thornfield, Pemberley, Netherfield, Howard's End, Wuthering Heights, Windy Corner, and the list goes on and on and on.

So last night we came up with a very short list of possible names for our home:

Toddy Tavern (Kate)
Lilly Lane (Emma)
Hollyhock Haven (Shannon)
Rocky Road (Brock)

Apparently we're under the collective impression that we require alliteration.

Oh, and lest you think Kate is a regular imbiber, I must explain. We have a hot buttered rum mix we make in the winter. It is made of a mixture of ice cream, butter, rum extract, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. You just add a huge spoonful of the mix to a cup of boiling water and it makes a nice hot bedtime drink. In the cold winter months, the kids like to drink one before going to bed. Brock told them that hot drinks before bed are called toddies, so the kids have been calling them toddies ever since. It's a tradition. And the tavern must be dictionary definition #2 rather than definition #1. You know, the one that says "A place for weary travelers to rest." It's really rather clever, I think. I'm almost prone to say, "From where the sun now stands, this home shall be known as 'Toddy Tavern' forever." But what would the neighbors say?

The thing is I want to explore my options a little more before the decision is made. I don't want to name my home just to change her name in a few months when we find something better. Just think how confused our house would be. I still feel guilty for doing that to our cat.

So this is where y'all come in. What are your ideas? What would make a great name for a home. Our house is a nice-sized 90 year-old red brick bungalow with a decent front porch with a swing. Our lot is nearly an acre with a long and narrow back yard. We have some huge trees, some of them dead. Our lawn is a work in progress (hence Brock's name idea), as is the back yard garden, and we are hoping to plant a small orchard over the next few years. So picture it in your mind, or remember it if you've been to visit us, and tell me what you think. What do you think makes a good name for a home?


Tiffany said...

I love this idea! I wanted to do it for my house after watching the BBC miniseries of Bleak House.

I'm pretty keen on Toddy Tavern. Let the neighbors wonder, that's what I say!

Andrew Jenkins said...

This is a great idea, Shannon!

I am also pretty keen on Toddy Tavern.

Miss you!

Cowboy Curtis said...

I like "Toddy Tavern" as well. I think you should consider having Rachel submit an idea, we still love her dolls' names "Japanese" and "Laffy Taffy." Maybe use Cheney in the name? Like Cheney Castle or Cheney Chambers or something, but make sure it is more clever than those. I am going to think about this. Tell Brock I am all for starting a jug band.

lizzie said...

very fun idea...i like toddy tavern but i like the idea of including your last name to it. have to think about it for a while.

laceyJ. said...

This is a fun idea! I like Lilly Lane- so cute.

And! Thank you for the tips on cookie baking... I'm definitely going to utilize them the next time I bake!

Tawna said...

I'm naming our house "Love Shack". Now all I need is a sign with those rub-on letters everyone is doing in R.S. now!

Brock said...
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