Friday, July 25, 2008


We finished our quilt! Brock pieced the top about eight years ago. He started quilting then, along with the help of some friends and family. Life got crazy and the quilt got put away for a time. We got it back out last year, and we finally finished it on Tuesday. It is fitting because it is a reproduction, down to the fabric and design of the quilted wreath, of an antique pioneer quilt. So here is our toast to the Utah Pioneers!



Jen said...

It is beautiful! I love it!

It was fun hanging out with you guys these past couple of days. I just think you two are as cute as they come.

lizzie said...

wow! so beautiful! i love the quilting...lots of work!

Tawna said...

Oh, it is beautiful! I hope you feel joy and satisfaction every time you look at it! Wonderful.

Tawna said...

OK now, Shannon, I am missing reading your brilliant writing. Let's have another blog entry, already!

Anonymous said...

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