Thursday, December 4, 2008

My stalker

Lately Sophie has been following me around everywhere I go. Even when I head to the potty, she sneaks in before I can close the door and she rubs against my legs and purrs until I'm done.

If she wasn't so cute and cuddly, I'd consider getting a restraining order.


Andrew Jenkins said...

Maybe she needs more female influence in her

kj said...

I meant to leave a comment a while ago, I just wanted to tell how great we thought the Christmas program was. Brock did a great job coordinating it, and I am sure you helped too. It was just a great way to start the holiday season. Your pictures turned out nice. I just have to smile when I see you two, with 6 girls between the two of you now. I am so happy for your sweet family.

I finished that Aron Ralston book you borrowed me. I loved it, what an inspiring story, inspiring person! Great book.