Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Not Dead Yet

Good news! I ate the apple on Friday and I'm still alive and well.

I almost always eat food gifts from students, and I haven't been sick yet. What do you think, too trusting?


Kim said...

Well, I think if you microwave it you should be safe. I have food issues. If I don't know the condition of the kitchen that the food was prepared in, I tend to avoid it. I'm sure you are fine....I hope!

Tawna said...

When I was at CJH, someone put valve oil in the band teacher's coffee and he nearly died. At BJH, the choir teacher used to send the kids out to fill his soda can with water from the water fountain, and it would come back filled with toilet water. How dumb can these teachers be? You're probably safe with an apple, though.

Brock said...

Wow... its been a month since you blogged!