Thursday, May 7, 2009

Poetry Slam!

We had a school-wide poetry slam at BEMS yesterday. The Ogden Standard Examiner came and covered the event. Read about it here. There is a short video with some pictures at the bottom. The chick pronounced my name wrong (that darned Dick Cheney and his long "a"), but oh well.

We wrangled some excellent poetry out of these 8th and 9th graders. One kid even brought a bongo drum and played during his poem called "I am a Soldier". It was seriously good stuff. I was proud of every one of them.
We had one slam for every class period throughout the day. All the kids enrolled in language arts that hour came down to the auditorium for the slam.
Emma got 2nd place in her class hour. There were four classes competing--so about 120 kids, give or take. She did an excellent job. I was quite proud. She won this impressive glitter ball for her efforts. (Love the black!)
But the coveted first place prize was . . . The Black Beret!
And since it's not exactly beret season in our local shopping mall, these are hand-crafted. By me, of course. Six lucky kids won the black beret from a sea of about 800 language arts students. It was a fun, fun day.


Anonymous said...

You, and your family are so creative and talented.

seashmore said...

That sounds like a really cool event. Infotainment at it's peak.

I watched the video at the end and just about laughed at the 3rd story they covered because that's exactly what we talked about last night at Institute!

Tawna said...

Actually, every time I have heard Dick Cheney refer to himself, it has been pronounced "Chee-nee"