Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Bells are Ringing!

The house is cozy! I love to sit on my couch with a hot rum punch (sans rum, of course) and gaze at my beautiful tree, so newly separated from its roots. Ahhhh, I love Christmas.

So here are some pictures, keeping in mind you don't get the full effect because I don't know how to take lit-up-Christmas-tree-at-night-with-no-other-lights-on-in-the-house photos with my camera. Still, you may get a small idea of my comfy cozy house. You may even want to pop in for a visit sometime. The hot rum punch is really good.

Ah, such a pretty tree . . . too bad it is a carnivorous tree who did this to MY ARM!!!

Not so pretty now when you know it might eat you, is it?

Just kidding tree. I love you. I forgive you. I will water you every day. I will make sure the cats don't eat your branches. Please stay. Don't run away.


I have other pretties in my house too. Take a look:

I love all the wood in my house. I also love Brock's antique lamp collection. Very fun.
My sister made the Santa below. Isn't he the cutest Santa ever???
"And what would you like for Christmas this year little girl? Oh, you're a boy? My bad."

Brock's brother gave us this hand-painted nativity. I am super in love with my new favorite nativity ever.
I made my angel a few years ago. She's still cute.

We have all six girls for Christmas this year. Still need two stockings.
Brock wants to sleep under this on Christmas Eve. Do you think we'll finish in time?

How did THIS get here??? I keep asking myself every day when I see it hanging on my wall. Coming attraction: Funny Story About the Jackalope parts 1 and 2

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lizzie said...

you are so funny...and your house is darling!!! i wish i could come for some rum punch...