Friday, December 7, 2007

Mrs. Cheney's Students Write (answers to a quiz)

Thanks to a great suggestion from my mom (who was/is a great teacher), I am now giving my students weekly quizzes on Channel One (a 15 minute current events program shown daily in most secondary schools in America). I teach note-taking skills, the students practice by taking notes on Channel One, then I give them a weekly open-notes quiz.

Here are some student answers to this week's question number 2: Why did the British teacher in Sudan get in trouble?
  • For letting her class name a teddy bear Mahamahama.
  • For letting her students name a teddy bear after some Mustom thing.
  • She let a 7 year old student name a teddy bear Ohsamabenladin.
  • The teddy bear took offense to a lot of people.

I have 8th grade research papers due in two weeks. I look forward to filling this space with quotes for your enjoyment.

Also, there is a Box Elder bug flying around my room here at Box Elder Middle School. Ha!

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