Friday, November 2, 2007

This is Halloween

Here is my Halloween show-and-tell. For the first time in a lah-ah-ahng time, I made Halloween costumes. Well, at least I made the kimono and the poodle skirt. Emma and Kate had great fun helping me, and Jane had a blissful Halloween in her purchased princess dress and crown.
We had Brock's kids the weekend before Halloween, so we had a big party. By big, I mean 18 little girls between the ages of six and twelve. Big.
I'm exhausted.


lizzie said...

very impressive! and jane looks so big! i didn't make halloween costumes this year and i missed it. there just isn't anywhere to get materials. oh well. looks like you had a blast.

Tiffany said...

I am soooo impressed. The kimono is fabulous. I want one just like it to wear every single day. So pretty!

Jennica said...

I so wish that I had this talent. I don't though. I am super impressed. What cute grown up girls.