Thursday, October 25, 2007

Girls just wanna have fuh-uhn

Today is 80's day at Emma's school.

If you dyed her hair brown, she could be me in 1985. Except for the part about me never having been that skinny.
Yes, those are THE parachute pants I owned my sophomore year of high school (swish, swish, swish). And yes, that is a "Gag Me With a Spoon" t-shirt I owned in jr. high (I was voting for the Rick Sprinfield concert muscle tee, but she chose this one instead). And yes, those are Cherokee wedge sandels I owned when I was 14. And yes, yes, yeeeeee--eeess!!! I wore my hair EXACTLY like that during my teenage years. And the braces? You know it, bay-beee! I had them on for four painfully awkward years.

The only difference is--she makes it all look cute.

I told Emma she's one lucky duck to have a grandma who kept these lovely keepsakes. She will be the coolest kid in school today!


Sally said...

Love it! It's like looking back 25 years. And you were a cutie then too! Hi, Em! Tell me how the day went!

lizzie said...

i can totally see you in all that! emma has GREAT 80s hair. i too have great 80s hair...except it isn't is style anymore. so sad.