Thursday, October 18, 2007

How to Kill a Mockingbird?

9th Grade Male Student: Hey Mrs. Cheney, are we going to read How to Kill a Mockingbird today?

Mrs. Cheney: You mean To Kill a Mockingbird?

9th Grade Male Student: Yeah, How to Kill a Mockingbird, are we reading it today?

Mrs. Cheney: Yep. We're going to start on the chapter about shooting the mockingbirds with sling shots to knock them out of their trees. Then, in the next chapter, we'll talk all about the advantages of the various methods of torturing mockingbirds including, but not limited to: forcing them to listen to country music from 2-5 a.m. while they are trying to sleep, telling them they are nothing but a bunch of dirty magpies, and showing them pictures of snarling pitbulls and 12 year old boys armed with BB guns. Then we'll move on to mockingbird-specific disembowelment techniques discussed in chapter 5.

9th Grade Male Student (after a pause, with a nod of his head and a slight smile): cool.

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