Monday, October 15, 2007

She's all grown up and saving China!

Emma and I "ran" a 5K race on Saturday. It was a first for both of us. I have run three marathons, but I have never run a 5K, and Emma has never run any sort of a race. This run was the Red Ribbon Run in Hyde Park. I would guess that about 70% of the runners were school-aged children. Only a few of us old-fart parents ran with our kids.
Emma was a trooper. She didn't train at all outside of her P.E. class, so it didn't surprise me that we were pretty darned slow. I jogged the whole way, but Emma stopped to walk several times. The best part of the run was the opportunity it gave us to participate together as mother and daughter. These moments are very rare for us. I was thrilled to create this memory with Emma.
The cutest part of all of this was Emma's reason for wanting to run the 5K in the first place. She wasn't looking for a feeling of accomplishment, she wasn't looking for a runner's high, she wasn't even looking for a chance to work on her physical fitness--she was looking for extra credit in P.E. She wants straight A's, and P.E. is the only thing that is holding her back. She had nearly 100% in all of her classes during 1st term, with the one lone exception of P.E. That A- brought her down, man.
She is just such the cutiest thing I ever did saw.
Congratulations on finishing the run, Emma. Here's to a perfect report card in November!


lizzie said...

how fun! i can't believe how grown up emma looks. and she looks just like you! congrats!

suzyb said...

hey there - cute pictures! Emma - you are soooo gorgeous my girl! Miss you.

Sally said...

Way to go, Em! I love it that you want to try new things. And getting good grades isn't such a bad reason--as long as it doesn't give you ulcers!