Friday, October 5, 2007

Mrs. Cheney's students write

I spend a lot of time teaching my students to write. This week we're working on using figurative speech, specifically similes, metaphors, and personification. I'd like to share a few of the sentences my students composed.
  • She hit the tennis ball like a train hits a cow.
  • The boat moved through the water like my dad's diesel going over an overpass in Salt Lake.
  • I hurried down the sidewalk like a bunny getting shot at hurries down a path.
  • The stream flowed quickly like snot runs out of my neighbor's nose.
  • The stream flowed quickly like the fingers of that girl texting in the corner.
  • The stream flowed quickly as if someone flushed a huge toilet.
  • The dog was smart like Malcolm X.
  • I hurried down the sidewalk, its hills and grooves like my dad's stomach.
  • The stream flowed down the mountain as if it was a man late to the next life.
  • The carpet was soft like my grandpa's belly.
  • I hurried down the sidewalk like a hobo after a ham sandwich.
  • I felt sad, as if I lost my iPod.
  • The building looked sleek and new like my dad's head.
  • The building looked sleek and new like my hair after I got it straightened.
  • The boat moved through the water like a comb through my hair after I just put tons of conditioner on it.
  • The building looked like it had just got its braces off, so sleek and new.
  • The carpet was so soft it was like walking on clowns.

Ha! These kids make me laugh. I love my job.


Tiffany said...

Oh my, these are so great! Some of them are really impressive ("hobo after a ham sandwich" sounds so classic), but my favorite is comparing sadness to losing one's iPod--the ultimate loss. So great.

Have you ever read them Russell Edson? Those are fun to try too!

lizzie said...

those are too funny. sometimes i wish i had your job.

i am so glad to see you blogging. and thanks for commenting on my blog...i love comments!

it sounds like all is well with your family. glad to hear...

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