Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Mr. Darcy

Ever since Brock got his hair cut, I keep seeing glimpses of Colin Firth in him. Which makes me think of the A & E Pride and Prejudice. Which makes me swoon at the romance of it all. *swoooooning as I type* So I thought I'd share. If I thought I could get him to do it, I'd have Brock dress in his period clothing, I'd get into my wedding dress, and I'd post a picture. Since that's not likely to happen, you should look at the pictures below instead, then check Brock out here and here to see him in the (sorta) right clothes. Merge the two together and . . . voila!

Here we have Brock and Shannon

And here are Mr. Darcy and Ms. Bennett
(in case you got confused)


Tiffany said...

Absolutely uncanny!

Jen said...

Hey Shan! I love reading your blog...and I have to admit, Brock is quite handsome with his new haircut. I used your idea on my own blog and wrote 100 things about me:) You'll have to check it out. Also, could you give me your address? We've had your thank you card for the wonderful linens on our table for over a month now.