Thursday, January 3, 2008

Snowmobiling--Cheney style

The Cheney family snowmobile. This antique sleigh was a wedding gift from Brock's brother, Clark. We had a grand sleigh ride on Christmas Eve day.

The horse is a 30 year old Amish horse. He was just beautiful. We also had some antique bells (wedding gift from brother Curtis) that jingled all the way.

Brock and I went cross country skiing in Star Valley, Wyoming a few days after Christmas.

I married a sushi chef. I bet y'all are jealous. You should be.

Kate barfs when we force her to eat mushrooms, but sushi--that's a whole nother story. yum, yum, she says.

Even our PB&J lovin' chickie, Jane, went for the sushi. She also dipped her sukiyaki yummies into a raw egg before chomping them down. Hooray for Japanese food!

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