Thursday, October 30, 2008

And the collar still pops!

I'm the student council advisor this year at the middle school. It's lots of work, but lots of fun too. This week is 8th grade week, so we're having dress days each day this week. Today is Decade Day--meaning wear clothes from your favorite decade. So, of course my decade is the 80's. And guess what? I still have some clothes I wore in H.S.

Plus my hair remembers how to do "The Claw" (or "The Awning", if you'd rather)

How many of y'all had a shirt like this? I have a picture somewhere of my freshman (college) boyfriend and I wearing our Coke shirts. His was short sleeves with peach on the top and mint green on the bottom. My roommate had a red and white one. I borrowed from both of them.

While these jeans aren't technically from the 80's, they are from Gap, and they're pegged, so I'm calling them authentic.

Emma wore my old parachute pants and my Gag Me With A Spoon t-shirt. Love the headband, Lu!


Tiffany said...

I love it all, but "The Awning" takes the cake. You both look 80smazing.

Tiffany said...

I love it all, but "The Awning" takes the cake. You both look 80smazing.

lizzie said...

oh, i loved my coke shirt! great memories!

Soul-Fusion said...

I had a coke shirt as well. and a coke bag and a coke watch and sweatshirt. I don't think I even drank the stuff so not sure why I was a walking advertisement. WAIT! I even had a SWIMMINGSUIT.

kj said...

Shannon--loved,loved your post! I had a coke shirt too! I think I had a swimming suit too, like your soul-fusion-friend. You know you just gotta love all the clothes and music of the 80's-it was all so happy. I love the 80's stuff! You look awesome in your pegged pants-they look pretty sweet. And the hair is classic, I used to do my bangs just like that.

That is fun you get to do all that stuff with Emma, I bet she loves having you in there with her. I know you make it fun in there with her and the rest of the gang.

Hey are you just messin' with me with the spirit thing in your kitchen?!-I thought maybe Brock got on your blog and is mocking my ghost hunting adventure...If not and you're serious I want to hear more about it.

kj said...

love the rad headband Emma