Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween adventures

Here's the gang on Halloween night. I guess this will probably be the only time the six of them will be together for Trick or Treating fun--so we made sure to have a great time. The weather was great. The costumes worked out fine. The kids got TONS of candy. So I proclaim the weekend a success.
I'm not quite sure what Rachel is here. A witch, maybe? But she's happy with her costume, so that's all that matters, right?


Jane wanted to be something scary for the first time this year. Usually she's a princess of one sort or another.

Don't worry, she wore her shoes for the Trick or Treating.

Maryanne was a countess. She has very pretty hair.

Kate and her friends dressed up as gypsies. Don't you love the wig?

And the fake eyelashes?

Sarah was a ninja. Girl Power!

Even ninjas need to see . . .

Undead cheerleader, Emma.

In all her blood and gory glory.
I sure love these little stinks! You looked great, girlies!


kj said...

Loved to see the costumes, the girls looked great. Did you end up going dancing Saturday? How was it?

lizzie said...

very fun!