Monday, November 17, 2008

Brock and Cody finish the kiln!

Brock and Cody on the job. Look at all those mud-covered 5-gallon buckets behind them. Guess what they used those for? To carry to the TOP of the kiln to mud the rocks. As a result--Brock has UNBELIEVABLY studly shoulder. MMM HMMM!
Brock digging out the chimney. Once he made a hole, he had to squeeze himself through to come out the bottom. In other words, the kiln birthed him. My claustrophobic self would have just freaked right the heck out!

This is the top of the kiln. They put a grate over the chimney for obvious safety reasons.

And here it is! They did a great job. Today they're cleaning up to make it all nice and neat. If you're ever driving through Ogden Canyon, stop at the Indian Trails and take a look.


lizzie said...

that looks just great! and you can see all the hard work...

Clark said...

Awesome job, guys. Only those who have hauled rocks 20 feet in the air will truly know what an accomplishment this is.