Monday, November 17, 2008

Brock and his girls go climbing

We took Brock's girls climbing on Saturday. Rachel wasn't up for it, but Maryanne and Sarah were little mountain goats! They did such a great job. Here's Maryanne kissing the chains at the top.

And here's Maryanne coming down.

Sarah kissing the chains.

Sarah coming down.
They each went up twice. Brock was so proud of his tough-as-nails cutie-pies. They had a lot of fun. We are so lucky to be the parents of six of the best girls in the world!!


lizzie said...

ugh. i sit it out with rachel...

Clark said...

Wow! Greg and I are way impressed with the girls. I remember going rock climbing with Nate Webb once. It was terrifying, mostly because I had no confidence in Nate's concern for safety.