Monday, November 17, 2008

Toddy Tavern gets a makeover

We found this great bar on last weekend ($80, what a steal!). We decided to buy it for our Toddy Tavern kitchen to use as a work space. Well, one thing led to another, and we ended up rearranging all three of our front rooms. I took a few pictures, and I was surprised to see how much wood we have in our house. I love it!
The kitchen
I love our sink. Doesn't it look like it's straight out of A Christmas Story?

This is our living room, looking in from the dining room.

I adore the built-in book shelves.

This is the dining room looking from the living room.

Our dining room table looks so much smaller now that it's out of the kitchen.

All the angles.
I just love old houses. Ours was built around 1917--and it still has all sorts of the original moldings--never painted.
Next order of business--our bedroom. Then we'll be ready to move on to the yard in the spring. It's hard to be patient with these things, but we have made some great improvements--things are moving along quite smoothly and steadily. We love our Toddy Tavern!


Tiffany said...

Amazing house! I love all the woodwork, and yes, the sink! The bar looks great!

lizzie said...

oh, i miss my old house! looks great!

kj said...

the pictures look great. And in real life it is even better. Thank-you for the beautiful dinner Saturday, that was amazing! Good friends and great food-it just doesn't get any better. I love the comment Brock made the other night, that those times of being in good company and enjoying a good meal are far more precious than any material possession we could ever own-I wholeheartedly(is that a word?) agree. love you guys-kj