Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kate's Art Gallery

With her permission, I am posting some pictures of Kate's latest creations. I think she is such a talented artist! She wants to become an artist when she grows up, so we are doing our best to encourage her as much as we can. I'm looking around for someone who will give private art lessons, but I'm not having much luck. anybody have any ideas of where to look?

I couldn't get a picture of this without the flash making a glowing sheen on the monkey's face. Isn't he cute?

Kate wanted me to make sure to say this one is a work in progress. I LOVE the turtle!

This is her Van Gogh oil pastel assignment from her art class at school. It is currently showcased in the 6th grade hall. I just think she is so very, very creative!


lizzie said...

very nice. i know (or kind of know, or used to know) someone who i think taught private art lessons. but she lives in midvale. at least she did a few years ago. i know, i am not much help.

Jen said...

Very nice, Kate! I want you to paint us a picture on canvas for our house. I will even buy you the piece of canvas. :) What do ya say?

Clark said...

Kate, I love your art! If you come visit me I will take you on the train up to New York City to see van Gogh's Starry Night.