Thursday, November 6, 2008

faux-pas-mah bin what?

Yesterday the students were all abuzz about how they all think Obama will be assassinated. Sheesh! Our principal caught the drift, so he decided he needed to do something to stop the madness. This is pretty close to what he said over the P.A.:

Students, we have been hearing a lot of you dialoguing (yeah, he really said that to a bunch of 8th and 9th graders!) about assassination. We want you to know that this type of communication is unacceptable. Our new president-elect, Osama buh . . .

He stopped talking and paused for several seconds. Meanwhile my students were going crazy with what they had just heard. One girl kept saying, "He did NOT just say that!" Others were saying, "See, Mr. Principal wants him to be assassinated, too!" Oh dear! Of course anything he said after that had absolutely zero effect.

I felt really bad for the guy. He's a good principal, and it was obviously an unintentional mistake, but sheesh--could you get any worse than that?


Tiffany said...

OH my gosh, I want your job to be a reality show SO much!

kj said...

loved your post, It must feel good to be an influence for the kids in a little way- atleast to open their minds a little to other ways of thinking, but I imagine it is a little frustrating too. I have to say- I got up in sacrament mtg yesterday and kinda gave my two cents about the elections and I know some people were just staring at me like 'what in the world!'- but I feel that I have kinda lost my patience a little with the attitude of the people right now, oh look at me, I am not trying to be negative but I just get a little frustrated too.
I just feel super excited for what is coming ahead for us in the country and the church, I just think it is an exciting time! I wish people could just see that. Anyway, enough of that. talk to you later-kj

Jen said...

Really...your hair is shorter than mine? I really, really want to see it!! Do you like it? Post pictures soon!