Monday, November 17, 2008

Top 10 reasons I love teaching at the middle school my daughter attends

10. Her teachers tell me how great she is when I see them in the halls.

9. Starting on Thursday, she will be a student in my class, so I can make darn well sure that she is learning English.

8. Her friends say hi to me in the halls--some of them call me "Mrs. Emma's Mom".

7. Right now (my prep period) she has health in the room next to mine. I can hear her teacher using words like "gonorrhea", "syphilis", and "milky discharge". I'm almost positive I heard her say, "EWWWW!" As a side note--I also just heard a kid ask a question about oral sex! Poor Mr. Johnson.

6. She sometimes comes and hangs out in my room after school. However, it's usually just so she can take control of my computer since we still have dial-up internet at home. I'll bet ya didn't know that still existed, didja?

5. She sometimes writes me notes during health and has her locker-buddy pass the note to me during 5th period.

4. I know who her crush is--and I have him as a student starting on Thursday. hehehe

3. She completely trusts me to not embarrass her when I have her crush in class starting on Thursday. hehehe

2. I witnessed last year's crush TOTALLY flirting with her in the cafeteria the other day. I mentioned the observation later that night, but she just rolled her eyes because she was, "Sooooooo over him!"

1. Sometimes when I'm walking down the hall, I pass Emma with her cute-as-buttons group of friends, and she bounds over to me and hugs me! In the hall! Of a middle school! With hundreds of students all around! I love that!

I've adored having this connection with my Lu! I'm a teensy bit apprehensive about having her as a student. I'm sure she'll be just fabulous, but I sometimes have to get after kids who are squirreling around, and I don't want them to take it out on her. It will certainly be another adventure.